Hi, I am Subaz.

My name is Subash Luitel Sharma but I like to go by Subaz. I am from Nepal currently living in Sydney and studying Bachelors of Information Technology from the Federation University Australia. 

I LOVE DESIGNING. Whether it’s a web design or animations or logos or banners or whatever. I am passionate about it and the Internet has taught me so much that I want a professional career out of it. However, I also enjoy coding with various languages. I started learning coding using Visual Basic 6 and made a bunch of small to medium sized fun apps for Windows. 

I started making websites with HTML since I was in 7th grade in my school. I used to be always looking up new HTML tags in the Internet and impress my teacher and classmates with what I learnt. I was then introduced to 3 letters that changed my life – ILY CSS. I realized my “websites” I build using HTML can be so so much better with the power of CSS and I couldn’t help but jump right into it. That’s when I told myself – THIS IS IT! 

I took part in Web Design competition in school and was excited to show my project to the judges as I was very confident to secure an award for that until the announcer informed us that we need to get in stage and speak out about the project. I for one had NEVER been on a stage and I asked if I can just sit on my seat and have a friend speak for me. We had 0 rehearse and 0 practice so the presentation went Blah! I didn’t win anything! Sad. However, after the competititon the head judge, the president of the school ICT Club came to me and said, “Your website was one of the best but the presentation was not good so we couldn’t give you enough points!”. That felt soo good, maybe even better than if I had won there. 

Later, for the same reason I got into the ICT Club as a member. Win – Win.

After Secondary education, I joined GCE Cambridge Advanced Level, commonly known as A-Levels. There was a subject, Computing 9609 which is probably my favorite book of all time.

Only after a few classes, I was introduced to GUI based applications. Until that day I always wondered how to make games or any kind of apps for my laptop but all I knew was QBASIC and it was – let’s admit – Boring. When the lecturer showed us how to add 2 text box, a label and a button – ALL DRAG & DROP, I was shocked and amazed and excited! He then showed how to make the button work – Write code to add the two numbers from the text box and display on the label.

Private Sub button1_click(index As Integer)
  dim a as integer = textbox1.text
  dim b as integer = textbox2.text
  dim c as integer = a + b
  label1.text = c
End Sub

I will never forget that piece of code. Then I asked him if I can do anything using the Visual Studio software. I went home and went through all the tools available and played around with it all night – literally! I started watching YouTube and signed up on Stack Overflow to ask questions I had. I made more than a dozen of apps including one where you type from a to z as fast as you can and the computer saves the time you took to type it. My personal best is 3.17 seconds. Beat that 😉

For the exams of A Levels, we were suggested to practice from old question papers so we downloaded a bunch of question papers from the past with marking sheet, different component and variants. The files for a single subject would line up in a confusing way so I made a software to filter the files depending on the year, season (summer or winter), marking sheet and others.  Here is a video I made on how to use it:


 Since then I have been fascinated about coding and designing – best of both worlds. 

During the process of coding, I started learning how to make logos for my apps and that’s when I got into making logos and banners. Believe it or not – I used Microsoft PowerPoint to make them. Yup. The same one we all use for making presentation slides. There are so many hidden tools in there it’s so good for editing pictures and making gooood looking logos – not vector though.

I came to Australia in November 2017 for Bachelors of IT with Fedeation University. So far the experience has been great – lots of ups and downs but I’m sticking with my passion – coding and designing. My personal biggest achievement so far has been the mobile app development project where we were given to make an android app for an airline company and I smashed it – Got 24/25. The highest in class where the second highest was 19. Yup, I’m very proud of that. My current semester has another Web Design course and Game Development courses so I’m quite excited for those two. I never got into making games but I’m keen to learn about it. 

I graduate after 2 semesters and I am proud to say I have learnt and gained enough real time experience with real people that I can keep myself strong and motivated in this field.