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Web Design

Fully responsive Websites

The websites I design are always responsive. It will make the site mobile-friendly and make it easier for user to navigate the site and improve the way it looks on devices with any sizes. 

Free Hosting & Domain

I am currently offering free domain and hosting for everyone. This means you do not have to worry about anything at all – it’s all on me!

Everything Social media

If you do not already have social media sites for your business, not to worry! I will set up your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for you. Oh and they’re free.

Furthermore, I also provide a custom email address for your business to interact with clients. Example: (for free too)


Google is just amazing and I am here to ensure we take everything we can from it. 

Maps – I can add google maps into your website to let your customers know exactly where you are located.

Google My Business – This is a tool provided by Google for free but it can be tricky to set it up and get it running. I can assist you with this which will let you connect with your customers even closely.

Drive – If you don’t already, I can help set up your Google Drive so your data and contents are backed up in the cloud and available to use anywhere anytime.

Analytics –  This is a service that allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website and hence provide valuable insights that can help in the success of business. 


Blogs are great way to keep up to date with your customers. Websites I design have blogs feature which lets you post blogs to your website and let customers interact with them. 

Animations and effects

Do you like how these texts slide in from left or fade in as you scroll? I can write codes for you to make this happen for your websites. These are very helpful to get attention of your potential customers and make them regular ones! 

I I provide Silver and Gold package on web design service and all the features mentioned above comes in both. However, there are some limitations to Silver package and some extras for Gold.




Google My Business is a tool provided by Google for business owners to post and interact with customers. You can add business info, hours, make post, add photos, see reviews and reply to them. 

When someone looks up your business name on Google, they will see a box at the side with your business details and some reviews on it. This can help potential customers gain more trust on your business. it’s all free and I’m here to help set it up for you.

My Silver package suits the best for this requirement. There will be up to 5 web pages – Home, About, Contact, Services and More. It includes all the information you wish to provide to customers and showcase some pictures with attractive gallery too. 

With the Silver package, I can edit your website for free up to an hour every month. With Gold that’s 2 hours free. However, if you need small help with the website navigation or Google My Business which doesn’t take long, I am available for free and would be more than happy to help you.

If the service takes more than an hour, I charge $30 an hour.

If you go with my Gold package, I will set up the social media sites and post on behalf for you on weekly basis and we can arrange more frequently if you wish to.

Yes, I do in fact. For business who wants a simple one-page website with information and links to the social sites, I offer a different package not mentioned above. 


  • One page website with up-to 5 sections
  • Links to social medias
  • Photo gallery
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Contact form
  • Attractive design 
  • Animation and sliding effects
  • Extras:
    • Custom e-mail address
    • Additional animations 
    • 1 extra web page

$200, then $20 a month. $5 a month for extra features. That’s less than $450!!

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